4,000 Jobs in Greater Daytona Area!

An email I received today from Linkedin reported that there were 4,000 new job openings in the Greater Daytona area. My first reaction was that these were mostly retail jobs, since we have a new Tanger Outlet Mall here and Bass Pro Shop is opening soon. Boy was I wrong!

Just on the first page, I saw openings for a video editor, a network engineer, a warehouse tech, a computer security analyst, an operations manager and even a CEO for a non-profit. These should be high paying jobs with top-notch companies. Every builder I have talked to recently reports that they are having trouble finding construction workers at all levels.

If you are thinking of moving to Florida, be sure to take a look at the Greater Daytona area. We have reasonable real estate prices, no state income tax and JOBS!!


James (Jay) Laing

James (Jay) Laing